501c(3) nonprofit empowering retail workers with financial education and retirement planning.

Life is unfair. What we do is level the playing field and ensure everyone has a financially and intellectually secure future. We aim to provide and apply proper financial education and investing concepts to retail workers. We cover various topics ranging from financial habits, character development, credit, and indexing.

Altiv -

Alternative: another possibility (we do things differently). 

- ify

ify: to become something (we are becoming pioneers).

Toll for the masses or toll for the few.

The most significant aid comes from close relationships. Today, too many financial and retirement education initiatives seek numbers—how many people did I help? How many lives did I change? It's a poor measurement and doesn't create impactful change. Altivify focuses on investing time and effort into our clients. We aren't here for a one-hour seminar; we are here to meet with our clients weekly, fostering friendship and learning side-by-side. We seek to make an extraordinary impact on individuals, not a mediocre impact on society. 


We have provided 25+ weekly free consultations with clients covering our Altivify curriculum and philosophy, each session typically being 1.5-2 hours.


Altivify has served 40+ students internationally (UK, UAE, US) in our mission to provide retirement and financial education for underprivileged retail workers. 


Altivify has acculumated 100+ hours of research and curriculum development to better aid students and clients across the world.

Trusted by members across the board

Amazing team! Amazing Program! 

Altivify has slowly but surely improved the quality of my life. I now understand how various financial ideas interact. I'm taking concepts and applying them to my daily life! Thank you! 

Wonderful and Simple! 

Altivify is doing great work! People in a retail environment are often neglected and need proper financial education. 

Our Way - The Alternative to Traditional Education

Our Philosphy


We want to fight the status-quo. Everyone deserves the right to financial education.


We foster growth. We want to see improvements in our members and team financially and intellectually.  


We look to see your knowledge expand and enlarge. We want to see better, more rational decisions. 


We want to see your ideas take flight. We can guide you to major improvements in your life! 

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